A Dam Breaks

Cracked like glass
The break travels
Deeper into my soul.
Separating me from my beloved
My beloved knows the true me
Closer than the views in my neck is he.

He choose me
Lifted me from the darkness
Lifted the veil
From my heart.

Allahu Akbar.

I used to be lost
Stumbling towards the fire
Like a moth,
Entranced by flame.

I still loose my way
Stumbling, I fall off the path.
But he never gives up on me.

I crawl to him,

beseeching forgiveness and mercy.

Time and time again he picks me up,

dusts me off and tells me to not give in

to giving up.

He reminds me how blessed I am,

however close I have come

to the pit of despair.

Trembling I loom on the edge.

Just as a lean forward
About to fall

His love fills my eyes with tears,
My heart opens
As a dam breaks inside my soul.

Alhumdulilah I am forever grateful.


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