A dua (prayer).

O’ Magnificent creator of All.

All the miracles


All the blessings

That we always take for granted,

Or may never know…


Master of the unseen.

Composer of the heavenly universe.

Designer of the stars.

Artist of the flowers.


I cannot find words to even begin to capture Your Greatness.


I bear witness that You are the only one.

The true God.


I swear by You who fashioned

“the setting places of the stars” . 87:75

You who has dominion to swear by Your creation.

I submit to You alone.


I seek Your forgiveness in any wrong I have ever done.

I fear Your wrath,

And I pray for Your reward


Jennah Ferdose.

I know few of us will make it but I pray that I am one.


I thank You so much.

I am eternally grateful in the most literal sense.

You gave me this light to traverse this darkness in.

All praise is due to You.


I pray when I get to that bridge with hooks and thorns

With the hell fire below,

I pray that my light will be bright in that darkness.

I pray that You have in that Page of mine,

On which the ink is dry…

I pray you have a good end.


If I am faced with calamity on this earth,

I sincerely pray You grant me

Patience and Strength.

Patience and the perseverance to bear whatever You have in store for me.


Ya Allah make our Ummah strong

Ya Allah make our Ummah wake up, make us love one another like we are supposed to.

Ya Allah make our Ummah as one body with no limbs that are suffering.


Thank You for everything.


You have literally given me everything.

Please help me to forgive and love others unconditionally

So I can receive that Love and Forgiveness from You.

Ameen Allahumah Ameen.





I wrote this prayer before I ever thought I would have a blog.  It is from my personal journal.  As The Blessed Month of Ramadan approaches. I thought it pertinent to share.  Please join me in saying Ameen for our Ummah and Ameen for your own souls as well.

I love my brothers and sisters in Islam and I sincerely pray Allah grants us all great reward and benefit from our holy month of fasting.  May he make it easy and beneficial for us all.  Ameen.





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